SUSTAIN fuels a summer of firsts for The Fast Lane Club

The Fast Lane Club announces a summer of speed, splendour and sustainability with SUSTAIN.

The Fast Lane Club will launch a summer of sustainable firsts this June, competing in Italy’s 1000 Miglia 2024 using SUSTAIN fuels.

Returning to the 1000 Miglia for the 6th time, the club will have four highly coveted cars completing the 1000-mile course. This includes an Austin Healey 100/6 BN4, a Jaguar XK140 OTS, an Austin Healey 100/4 M and a Jaguar XK 120OTS.

The cars will be powered by SUSTAIN Classic Super 80, which is technically tailored for vintage vehicles, or SUSTAIN Racing C50 fuels, an advanced racing product specially designed to meet the performance and sustainability criteria outlined by the FIA.

Developed by bespoke fuel specialist Coryton, SUSTAIN fuels use advanced second-generation biofuel manufactured from agricultural waste, such as straw, by-products or waste from crops which wouldn’t be used for consumption.

By doing so, the fuel utilises the carbon that already exists in our atmosphere, which the plants absorb as they grow, recycling it, rather than releasing additional CO2 that is currently locked underground in fossil fuel. And, as a result, they deliver significant greenhouse gas savings compared to traditional fuels.

After completing the 1000 Miglia on 11-15th June, the Fast Lane Club will return to home soil for its Yorkshire Elegance event where, once again, sustainable fuels will be in the spotlight.

Held in the magnificent grounds of Grantley Hall, from 16-18th July, the exclusive exhibition will feature a wealth of rare and iconic vehicles as well live music, fine dining and the annual concours. This year, Yorkshire Elegance will also welcome the SUSTAIN crew, offering attendees the opportunity to explore the technology further and allowing event cars to use the fuel.

Simon Smith, Director at The Fast Lane Club, said:

“Born out of a passion for prestige and classic sports cars, The Fast Lane Club is a community that celebrates high-end cars and luxury lifestyles. For many years, we’ve helped fellow enthusiasts source, cherish and enjoy vintage vehicles as we celebrate our country’s rich motoring heritage. Now, through our partnership with SUSTAIN, we hope to shine a light on the future of motoring too.”

David Richardson, New Business Director for Coryton the company behind SUSTAIN, added:

“We’re delighted to be joining forces with The Fast Lane Club. Both 1000 Miglia and Yorkshire Elegance promise to provide an amazing atmosphere for those attending. By fuelling such events, we can highlight just how well SUSTAIN products perform as well as their potential to preserve the sounds, sights and smells of live motorsport experiences.”