SUSTAIN Fuels teams up with HCVA and CKL Developments to begin sustainable fuel testing for the Historic sector

June 21st 2022 saw the achievement of a significant milestone in the progress towards future fuels for the Historic and Classic vehicles sector.

CKL Developments, Jaguar racing specialists and a Founding Partner member of the Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA), ran a customer’s racing E Type Jaguar at Goodwood using specialist fuel we at SUSTAIN by Coryton provided.

We created a special development synthetic fuel to match the characteristics of the current racing fuel used in the Jaguar. This had a lead-free valve lubricant added and contained no Ethanol. This first test ran with a blend of the SUSTAIN Fuels and the car’s current fuel. The car ran faultlessly all day and delivering the same performance as current racing fuels.

This is the key step on a journey to future fuels and net-zero CO2 emissions for the Historic and Classic sector. Working with others, we at SUSTAIN Fuels, The HCVA and CKL Developments will continue to develop and test the fuels on a range of Historic and Classic vehicles. These tests will include engines on dynamometers and several road and race vehicles.

David Richardson, director at SUSTAIN Fuels, said “Sustainable fuels can play a huge role in the future of historic and classic cars, and it’s fantastic to be starting to put some fuels to the test. We look forward to working with the HCVA and its members including CKL Developments to advance these fuels for the sector.”